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"Thank you so much for this truly blissful time on the retreat. I enjoyed every moment of it. Sarah is most amazing person and Yoga instructor. I feel very fortunate to know her. She teaches straight from her heart and therefore to practice with her is very unique experience. The whole sanctuary space is really beautiful and peaceful, filled with light and positive energy surrounded by mountains. It is great place to relax and go deeper into your Yoga and meditation practice. I loved the silent time we had and bonfire every evening under the stars. Not to mention the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals freshly prepared by our personal chef. Real treat for body and mind!  I am very grateful for this experience and opportunity to share it with this wonderful group of people." Patrycja

"Oh it was a divine weekend!  I am so grateful I took the leap to go and look forward to deepening my yoga practice.  I am buzzing with inspiration and positive energy.  I feel so good. It can be hard sometimes to follow our hearts and say yes to the moments that will nourish us. However it is deeply essential to take the time to do these things. We become better people for it, and in turn are able to be better people to those we love. The retreat space was filled with lots of windows, incredible light, and a spectacular view of the mountains. We ate the most nourishing, delicious meals that were made with so much love. Sarah carved out intentional spaces of silence which I deeply appreciated. It was wonderful to have the silent time because it let go of any need to feel like I had to come up with conversation and allowed me the time to really process what was going on. I was also able to get some amazing writing done. It was fabulous. " Jennifer

"I can’t thank you enough for the Winter Bliss Retreat. Everything from the location to the food to the beautiful souls that followed you there was absolutely perfect. Everybody should make it a priority to reboot and energize themselves by attending one of your retreats and benefit by becoming fully present and appreciative. I can’t pick a favorite part of the weekend because it was all good. I know this experience has pushed me forward and helped me to grow. I also gained beautiful new friends and will cherish the memories of this rejuvenating and magical weekend always." Kathleen

"I have been to many wellness focused retreats and workshops throughout the country ranging from simple overnights at my favorite hot springs facilities in California, Idaho and Montana up to multiple day stays at high end spas such as Miraval in Arizona. My intention in every instance is to achieve a state of relaxation, energetic and physical renewal and soul stimulating growth beyond what is attainable in every day life. And If a I am lucky I also hope to tap into new community with like minded spirit and focus. In limited cases my efforts are rewarded with the gift of all of the above. In the rarest of all cases the resources I invest of time, money and focus return to me beyond any measure. My extraordinary experience at your retreat was a direct result of the alchemy that is your love and willingness to give of your many years of study, experience, practice, growth and infused with your creative and fun spirit and healing energy. What synchronicity for me that I was able to participate and share in all of the rewards the group received as a whole and individually. I would recommend that anybody who has the opportunity and instigation to join you in one of your retreats take up the suggestion and go for it with gusto!" Laurie

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