Create a vision board to assist in grounding your personal vision and purpose for the rest of 2019 and into 2020.

You will learn how to use a Vision board to attract opportunities and things to manifest your goals and dreams.  Plus receive guidance and coaching as you create your own personal vision board to take home.

Please bring:

- Large 22" x 28" construction paper board

- Paints, markers, color pencils and/or crayons

- Scissors, ruler, glue and/or tape

- Quotes, affirmations or other words of wisdom

- Embellishments for decorating your vision board, but make sure everything is burnable (no plastic objects)

- Old magazines 

- Newspaper to spread under your working area

- Plus anything else  your imagination comes up with  and so on :)

Currently there are NO Group Vision Board Workshops scheduled.  

If you are interested in a one-on-one PRIVATE coaching session to create your personal vision board, please e-mail me to schedule a 15min FREE consultation to learn more about the process and set up a date and time for your individual session.

The cost for a PRIVATE 2-hour coaching session is $180 ($90 per hour). 

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"From the moment I walked into her studio I knew I chose the right Yoga Studio. Sarah has a wonderful ability to work with students of all levels and give each one what they need. Not only is she a wonderful Yoga teacher, but she is a spiritual inspiration. I have learned so much from her and my practice is continually growing under her tutelage." Katy D.

"Sarah has integrity in everything she does. Her Yoga Studio is no exception. She holds the space for learning, growing and transformation, all one needs to do is step in with the same intention. I love Sarah's classes, they honor the individual, and the student can make it as challenging as they wish for that day. I always feel changed after class, always for the better." 

Jennifer G.

"For anyone seeking to not only enhance their Yoga asana practice, but to fully embrace their own Spiritual journey – This is the place to be! Sarah truly practices what she preaches – she is the “real deal.” She embodies the qualities of a teacher in the truest sense of the word and leads by her own example.  Her dedication to the practice and commitment to continual learning shine through in her teaching and create a safe space for students of all levels. Perhaps most importantly, she encourages students to develop and trust their own inner wisdom and intuition.  I continue to gain much insight through Sarah’s guidance and consider Bliss Yoga Academy a home away from home. It is unlike any other Yoga studio and radiates with an energy and sense of peace unlike anywhere else. I continue to grow on all levels through her tutelage and I highly recommend Sarah as a teacher." 

Anya K.