What is Reiki?

Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical treatments, medical doctors, mental health doctors, mental health professionals, and services.  If you or your clients need medical or mental health professional services please see these professionals and recommend to your clients that they must do so as well.  

What is Reiki?

Rei - means universal wisdom

Ki - means life force energy

Put these meanings together and you get -  Reiki means "Universal Life Force Energy"  the energy used as a part of creating everything that is alive.

Reiki Discovery

Currently there are many styles of Reiki available.  Most of them are created by modern people from the foundation of the original form.  The style of Reiki practiced by Sarah at Bliss Yoga Academy & Wellness Studio is the original long form traditional style.  This style was discovered by Mikao Usui in the late 1800 in a Buddhist monastery hidden in a sacred text, written in Sanskrit.  Dr. Mikao Usui was a Buddhist monk.  This was in Japan where Dr. Mikao Usui was born. Originally, Dr. Mikao Usui was the Director of a Christian boys school in Japan. One day while teaching a group of boys he was challenged by them to show proof that Jesus really healed.  He said he believed that Jesus healed, but could not show them any proof.  The students told him that they did not want to live by blind faith.  Dr. Mikao Usui reflected on the experience and decided to leave his job as Director to go on a spiritual quest of finding a healing formula and proof.  In doing so he found not only a healing formula but also more of his hidden spiritual talent, improved potential, healing, and transformation.

On this journey of personal transformation, self discovery, and after many years of traveling to different places, including India and the USA Dr. Mikao Usui experienced healing, learning about other religions, did research, and discovered the healing formula. In Japan, one day while translating healing texts from Sanskrit to Japanese he discovered the healing text and symbols.  After finding the healing formula and information, it took him over three weeks to figure out how to use the healing formula.  He is the one who named the healing formula Reiki. 


This original style of Reiki takes longer to learn because, just like monks, the practitioner has to cleanse, purify, resolve as much past trauma and suffering as they choose.  This can improve the internal pathways of their own internal energy channels and chakras.  This gives the practitioner more access to being able to channel increased qualities of universal life force energy; the energy that is part of the creation of all things. 

The clearer the person energy channels are, the more Reiki energy the person can filter.  As the energy circulates internally through the person's natural energy system. When the Reiki energy passes internally by the palm of the hands, whatever the hands touch will automatically take the energy.  A person must be trained and receive attunements at every level of Reiki to the different energy vibration of Reiki energy to practice Reiki.

The student must be trained and attuned by a teacher who has gone through the complete process of learning this Reiki and receiving the sacred attunements.  So buying a book and reading about Reiki will not give the ability to give Reiki treatments or teach Reiki.  All humans have the ability to do basic hands on healing which is called Therapeutic Touch, which is giving personal energy.  This is not the same as Reiki.  The practitioner is connecting to the force of Reiki energy and circulating it internally and when it passes the palms internally whatever is touched takes the energy. The Reiki practitioner is not giving their own energy although their own energy is mixed in with the Reiki energy as they perform the treatment.  

Sarah practices and teaches this original monastery style of Reiki.  It takes from Reiki level one and two about four to five years to become a teacher of this traditional long form style. 

Sarah practices at the Master Teacher level so she has access to the complete Universal Life Force Energy matrix and she can teach the style and perform the connections and attunements. 


How Can Reiki Help People?

When someone receives the energy, it goes to wherever it is needed to replenish the person's energy balance.

Enhance personal awareness - seeking things more clearly.

The person who receives the energy feels relaxed,

The receiver of the energy can feel less stressed and/or more energized depending on their mental balance.

In some people, it brings to their awareness issues that need to be taken action to improve.

Forgotten memories of suffering or past trauma can come to their awareness to get an opportunity to resolve the issues or not.

Promote creativity.

Strengthen the person’s energy balance.

Strengthen intuition.

Strengthen the human biological system.

Relieve pain.

The person’s negative emotional feelings can be stirred up and come to their awareness to be resolved or not.

Improve the chakras (human energy vortex).

Use as a first aid to decrease blood flow in cuts.

Improve wellness in plants and animals.

And other individual personal experiences.

When Receiving The Treatment:

The person receiving the treatment might experience energy circulating in and around their body.

Warm or cold internal sensations, and the external room might feel cold or very hot.

They might fall asleep.  If the person is asleep or awake they will still receive the energy.

Have different levels of dreams.

Feel like they are floating.

Receive perceptive messages.

Remember things they had forgotten.

Solve some issue they were trying to resolve.

Experience feelings of sadness or joy.

Some people say they feel nothing.  This can happen if someone lives is a disconnected place.  After many treatments, the person might feel safe enough to start to feel.

And many more experiences depending on how many treatments the person receives and the level of Reiki the practitioner can access.  More treatments and high clear quality Reiki energy gives the most improved benefits.