Restorative Yoga - GROUP CLASSES

Saturdays at 4:00pm - 5:30pm

May June 8, 15 & 22

Restorative Yoga is a process of self-Discovery.  It helps bring the mind and body into balance by creating awareness.  As you become more connected to your physical body, you are able to better connect to your emotional body.  

Restorative Yoga can help you "restore" your body to a balanced place because it works in a passive, not active manner, and it places your body in shapes that are effective on both a physical and emotional level without strain.  Even if Yoga is not your usual thing, restorative yoga is a great addition to your wellbeing.

During these Restorative Yoga group classes, you will  practice a few gentle Hatha Yoga poses and then relax in Restorative Yoga poses. You will use different props such as blankets and bolsters to stay in the poses comfortably so you can rest, renew and relax completely.  This nurturing practice can assist in  positively balancing your Spirit, mind and body.  

Before EVERY person enters the studio, they are smudged outside with five cleansing and purifying herbs in an incense pot.  Smudging can assist is cleansing the aura (outside layers) of the person's energy field/body.  This begins the relaxation process and letting go of stress.  

Yoga is NOT a substitute for medical treatments, medical doctors, mental health doctors, mental health professionals, and services.  If you or your clients need medical or mental health professional services please see these professionals and recommend to your clients that they must do so as well.   

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$90 for 3 sessions OR $35 drop-in

*Includes complementary smudging and tea after class.

***Please bring two Yoga blankets and a bolster if you have them.***


Semi-private class of maximum 8 students

Please pay online using the button below.  Then email me at to let me know which dates you will attend class.

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