Private Yoga Lessons

Private Yoga lessons are a great way to begin or deepen your practice. Private sessions are particularly helpful for beginners, individuals with special conditions or injuries or students looking for an extra challenge to bring their practice to the next level. 

My private Yoga program is designed for individuals on a Spiritual path. As we work together, you will have the opportunity to experience higher levels of consciousness through asana, pranayama and meditation.  My goal is to create a personalized practice that empowers you to sustain your own Yoga practice at home on a long term basis. Therefore, after the introductory sessions, you must commit to building a daily home practice in order to fully enjoy the benefits of our work together. It is only through self-love, discipline, and your own introspection, that yoga awakens your inner wisdom.  

Prenatal Yoga 

Learn how to begin or modify your Yoga practice at this beautiful time in your life and connect with your growing baby as you relax, strengthen, stretch, ease discomfort, and prepare for birth.

Private Yoga Scheduling Policy and Procedures

 Private Yoga lessons are available BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Please email me at to schedule a session at your convenience. All sessions must be scheduled and paid for in advance.  If you are not able to attend your appointment, you must cancel by phone 7 days in advance or you will be charged the full cost of the session.  

If this is your first appointment, you must contact me to schedule a 15 minute phone consultation BEFORE you pay for your session online.  My style of Yoga is for humans on a Spiritual path who are ready, willing and able to make the life style changes necessary to support a more positive life situation.

Private Yoga Prices

10 sessions $1080

All sessions are 60 minutes

75 minute sessions additional $20 per student/per session

Semi-Private Yoga additional $20 per student/per session

*All sales are final. No refunds will be issued after the purchase of a class or package.

Private Yoga Student Guidelines

I understand the following:

  • I should attend Private Yoga Classes 2 to 3 times per week in order to fully experience the benefits.  If I choose to attend less frequently, that is my personal choice.

  • I am here to LEARN how to improve my Yoga Practice

  • I must practice what I LEARN at home for at least 30 minutes EVERY day

  • I must notify the teacher if I experience any pain or discomfort during a session so my practice can be adjusted

  • I must take responsibility to make the life style changes necessary to support a more positive life situation

  • All class packages are valid for 90 days.  It is my responsibility to schedule all my sessions before the class expiration date

  • If i am not able to attend my appointment, I must cancel 7 days in advance or I will be charged the full cost of the session

New Students - 2 Sessions for $180

Please click the button below to pay online


 "Sarah is quite literally an amazing instructor. She's methodical in her approach, she is very technical, and knows so much, it's very impressive! She really loves and lives the yogi way of life. We take private and regular classes, and my wife and I couldn't be happier. We get a lot of personal attention and so does the entire class! I highly recommend this yoga center to anyone who takes their yoga practice seriously.  Thank you Sarah!"
Greg & Angie

"I really want to thank you for the time spent with me in private lessons.  I feel as if I have learned a great deal in a short amount of time!  I now realize what a small shift in alignment can do for a pose.  I feel as if my shoulders are getting stronger very quickly with the small corrections you made to my chaturangas and my inversions have become easier already because of this.  Thank you also for the research you did about my injury.  I am looking forward to another lesson with you in the future!"  

"I have taken several classes with Sarah and each one was wonderful.  I was lucky enough to take a private class and it was probably one of the best yoga classes i have ever had.  I have been doing yoga for years and Sarah gave me so much information, and challenged me, as well as listening to my concerns.  It was pure bliss, I felt so good afterwards.  Sarah has a style of teaching which makes the students relaxed and able to work hard, but feel so good while in the class" 

"Thank you for the great yoga one on one.  I appreciate all the tips and postures for prenatal yoga, this really help me and I feel more comfortable about doing yoga at home now