private LEVEL 1 - Yoga Teacher certification by skype

Available by Skype ONLY - Starting April 2020

The Difference Between Bliss Yoga & Wellness Studio Services and Other Studios is that Positive Energy – Spiritual Awakening – Transformation - and Focus on Improving Your Practice Is One of Our Missions.  WHY CONTINUE YOUR TRAINING WITH THE SAME TEACHER?  Because to have the same teacher keeps the quality and standard of your training authentic and grounded in one root and foundation.  This can help to create a strong and focused personal practice for yourself and your career life’s purpose practice.

Our Three (3) Hours Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training attending twice per week can assist in Reducing Stress – Promote Meditative Focus – Increase Flexibility of spirit, mind, and body, and promote improved health, well-being, and quality of life; as a student and also as a teacher for assisting others.

With our offer of working together through SKYPE - YOU get to create a sacred space for your Yoga, Health, & Well-Being Practice inside the comfort of your own home.  This can add to Yoga being more accessible in the privacy of your own home with no travel to class time.

Listed Below are our PRIVATE three (3) hours Yoga Levels 1 Yoga Teacher Training classes, attending classes twice per week.  Please let me know if you are interested so that I can schedule a time for us to discuss the map of the programs and classes, plus other awareness, and about creating a sacred space within your home as your personal Yoga classroom.

PLEASE CONTACT me directly to learn the COST of the program and my schedule availability.  

Since all classes are private your deposit payments, postdated pay in-advance checks will reserve your personal private appointments.  

Please see below the available appointments to choose from regarding scheduling and reserving your private individual classes. Classes will start in April of 2020, and end in December 2020.  I will tell you the exact date when we meet to discuss the class plan, other awareness, make your deposit, and give your five postdated checks.

Level 1 - Yoga Teacher Training Days and Appointment time schedule is below.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays

11 AM to 2 PM EST

3 PM to 6 PM EST

These complete Certification class program times will be a total of 324 Hours

216 Skype hours (3 hours class sessions attending classes 2 times per week for 36 weeks).

Plus 54 hours of Home Study Time.

Plus 54 Hours of Teaching Others Practice.

Please contact me as soon as possible to reserve your private class appointments and to get the best appointment that you want, need, and desire.

Thank you for choosing me to assist you with Your Life’s Purpose Choice of being a Certified Yoga Teacher.   Best regards with everything.  THANK YOU!

Sarah Ceo – Director 

Bliss Yoga & Wellness Studio